Learning a framework has its ups and downs. When learning anything new, you have to forget something like a preconception about that said framework. This helps you to learn fast and precisely. Being a quick learner is marketable and will help in many situations. That is the ups of learning a framework is because it allows one to learn is faster than the language it’s made for.

Some downfalls are particularly what its mission is meant to accomplish. For some, the downfall of learning a new language is rethinking patterns. Using a switch case and modify data will make sense but can be too simple to believe that is all you need for something to work. That is why I like to React; it’s simple in the ways it shouldn't. When working with Redux, I felt complete, although I can see where it may not always be needed.

Writing out the JSX is a dream, and the way the components can be mounted gives me a visual of what I need to accomplish. Errors can be sourced back to the beginning. The terms used to describe the components may differ for some, but a parent and a child component is self-explanatory. The flow of the following convention in Redux aids me plenty, and I can more quickly focus on creating more useful functionality.